Five books I read in preparation for my Camino walk in Spain


When I'm travelling I usually I just jump into it head first. I'll arrive in a new country with little more than the knowledge I don’t need a visa prior to arrival at the border. It can be exciting figuring things out as you go. Sometimes you really need to do some research and plan out a few things. The Camino de Santiago falls into the latter category.

From their perspective: how a visit to a war museum in Saigon improved my client service skills

F-5 - War Remnants Museum, Saigon

In advertising, one of the first responsibilities a new account exec is given is maintaining the WIP document. "Always put the client's logo first, make sure our logo isn't any bigger than theirs" are a couple of the prescriptive directions given. The reason for this should seem self evident, to show you're putting them and their interests before your own. This, of course, is only a small thing but one of many small things that add up to demonstrate we've got our 'self orientation' in check.


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